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10 tips to effectively use digital signage in restaurant

You may have already digital signage in your restaurant, here we have top ten actionable tips for you, to re-think about contents on your screen to increase your revenue exponentially

  1. The right information at the right time, like during the morning hours breakfast menu should be shown during the noon lunch menu and at the night dinner menu.
resturant tips digital sigange screen
  1. Display discount offer, happy hour offers, seasonal or daily special dishes separately from the menu items
  2. Display birthday wishes and greetings for the customer using their photo and name, they will be overwhelmed by this gesture and you can make lifetime customer
  3. Marketing through customer social media engagement, ask them for a Facebook recommendation, share their photo on your Facebook page timeline, to get a frame on this screen, people always get happy by seeing themselves becoming mini-celebrity
  4. Nutrition tips related to dishes you are offering
  5. Your chef interview about how passionately he cooks food, how happy chef feel after knowing about delights of customer
  6. Behind the scene of food preparation, process and efforts it took to make it mouth-watering
  7. Advertise about other brands near you on your screen for cost-sharing or better partnership
cms signge food joke
  1. Between slides show news feeds, weather forecast, quotes of the day, jokes related to foods
  2. Display pictures of celebrity visit in your restaurant, if you don’t have any as such picture, we have also a suggestion for you display an old picture of the city mentioning the date

By Ratna

Ratna is co-founder of CMS signage, In spare time she loves to write content