Top 3 truly free digital signage cms

Most of the claim for free services is marketing strategies, to get the customer on board, over the period of time you will realize, there is nothing in free service and you will be converted to paid service, to avoid such situation continue reading this article.

Free digital signage cms selection guide

  • New Screen enrollment: a simple approach to add a new screen with a dashboard.
  • Content Creation: You’ll need images, videos, documents, audio files, widgets, and lots more to create impressive digital signage content that attracts your customers.
    • Static content: this includes your uploaded images, videos, audio, ppt, pdf, and other kinds of files.
    • Dynamic content/widgets: this includes configure or create analog clock, weather forecast, notice board, social media posts to be shown on screens.
  • Content Scheduling: There should be provision to schedule or plan your week’s contents for screens.
  • Reports & Alert: App and device status, memory availability, internet connectivity, and whether or not it’s connected successfully to your screen are all mission-critical info you’ll need to know
  • Screen management: grouping of the screen to easily schedule and publish on an array of devices.
  • Supported platform: at least they should support the most commonly used platform like Android, Fire os, Tizen.
  • Offline Support: if your screen doesn’t have a wi-fi connection always, at this condition static content should be played.
  • Security: Offer enterprise-grade security for your contents and payment details
  • Performance: Allow for an unlimited number of screens. the app should be capable of handling and rendering 4k video and images along with the huge size of files.
  • Trademark/Advertisement: should not show a prominent trademark or advertisement on the screen to distract your customer.
  • Help & Support: Free, remote tech support is non-negotiable. Otherwise, troubleshooting will be a nightmare.
  • Your budget should mostly focus on the hardware you choose, CMS should not be costly.

Top 3 free digital signage cms in 2020

One screen free-forever with all the feature of a paid plan, even paid plan is almost free as pricing is 50% less than the other top competitor like,,

CMSsignage Dashboard screenshot
One screen is free forever with all features of a paid planSecond onward screen need to be paid, although the paid plan is just 10 USD/Monthly for each second onward screen
Dashboard is quite easy to use, no learning curveJust core features are there, as it’s recently launched product
You can get feature done as per your requirment, without any development cost on you
Help & support team is very responsive

Verdict: check if your requirement is matched with available features, then definitely you should try this for free

Even though they are our competitor still we say they are amazing in terms of features, with features comes complication if you are enterprise and willing to dedicate one person to manage digital signage screens and content, this should be your choice.

DigitalSignage Dashboard screenshot
Feature reachLearning curve is too high
In the free plan, you can manage as many screens as you canFree plan does’t include all the features, eventually you need to go with paid plan
Self support knowledge base is there for almost everythingThe paid plan is costly 49 USD/Month

Verdict: if you are enterprise user can afford a dedicated person to manage digital signage screen go with them

open-source digital signage cms run on raspberry pi, open-source is only fits for a firm who have an in-house developer to get things done by their own by leveraging the existing project, if you are individual user never go with this option, nowadays open source is just a way for getting more traffic

PiSignage Dashboard screenshot
Open-source version, you can use free of costNeed technical knowledge and hardware infrastructure to use the open-source version
Paid plan is moderate starting with 15 USD/Month for each screen
Runs on raspberry pi computer, so their software would be more compitable with hardwareNeed to buy seperate hardware device

Verdict: if you are a developer or you have in-house developer, you can leverage their existing code base and design and setup infrastructure as per your needs

By Ratna

Ratna is co-founder of CMS signage, In spare time she loves to write content